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You could call it a passion. For more than a decade, Indian Mill has advanced and refined the techniques for producing scaffolding planking and the tools needed to ensure jobsite safety. Each year, jobsite accidents occur that may have been prevented through the use of Indian Mill’s Superior engineered construction products.

For Superior Plank Products, Look for the Pin-Lok™
In our patented Pin-Lok process, multiple structural members of Dense Select Grade Southern Yellow Pine or Douglas Fir lumber are milled to size. The center strip is sealed to keep out moisture and jobsite chemicals and arranged for the greatest possible strength from the material. Heat-treated twist steel pins are then inserted every 22 inches along the plank’s length to bond the three pieces into a single solid unit. In tests conducted both at our facilities and at Purdue University, the resulting plank resists point, center and shock loads which destroyed standard DI65 and high-grade laminated wood planking ... more >>

Maintain a safe jobsite with Indian Mill Plank Testers
Scaffold planking begins to degrade the moment it is placed into service. Planks are subjected to damage from abuse, moisture, and stress from heavy loading from both people and material at the jobsite. In addition, damage can be difficult or impossible to see through a visual inspection. Concrete, mud, and other coating material can hide damage, or the damage can be internal, as in rot from storing planking wet. The only way to verify planking integrity absolutely is by... more >>